It was Friday night that I found myself sitting in a pub opposite an 8-year-old smart arse and a chess board.

I don’t recall being this confident, this well-mannered, or this wily at any point in my dear 24 years. I wish it was just the remote setting that has allowed this little genius to think further than the computer box set, but it’s more than that, how did he learn chess? His Mum, as it happens. I asked if someone could teach me chess and here he is: the pieces, the rules and now the game. It’s a game that makes you think strategically and right now I’m embarrassingly slow, but someone’s in the room that can teach me a signature trick: 4 moves and a win (his Mum). Given that I have 3 months in the remote ranking of Australia and time is clocked with increasing heat – this is how and where I’ll be practising this tricky game. I actually tried playing against myself the other day and the black team won both times, how odd is that?


8 thoughts on “GAME: #1 LEARNING CHESS

    1. Oh gawd I think it’ll take years to master this game, it’s really tricky! Did you learn by playing family/friends? Learning solo doesn’t work so well 😦 x

      1. I initially learned by playing with my dad. From there I’d play online here and there (Yahoo Games) and I read a few books. Lasker’s Manual of Chess is a good one.

  1. I was taught by my dad when I was about 8, and then played the computer endlessly. Sadly, I then stopped and am now uber-crap again.

    Did take it up a bit in New Zealand for a while though, when my travel buddy and I played on one of those large boards (where the pieces are two feet tall) in a shopping centre. Random shoppers stopped to spectate. It was awesome, at some point we had a small crowd. considering we’re both not that great at chess, that’s strangely rewarding.

    Keep up the practice, it is a great game (but it’s fecking difficult).

    1. Great to hear from you 🙂 I will let you know how it progresses and maybe one day I’ll make it to the two feet tall pieces!! Where are you now? x

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