To put yourself in the most remote of situations can lead you to a different kind of people. Surroundings certainly shape your character and outback Australia is the type of place where having a car to drive to the nearest town is vital for your mental stability as well as your superstore convenience. As a result I’ve weaned myself from the online world and this has offered a fresh insight into learning new things that have been long forgotten or  hobbies that help pass the quiet time. This is how the list was formed.

This is the list of things I shall be learning over the next 3 months, my personal challenges are…

  1. Learn how to play chess
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Learn how to milk a cow
  4. Learn how to bake
  5. Ride a tractor
  6. Get over your fear of animals – stop being so jumpy around them!
  7. Get good at making cocktails
  8. Get creative with cooking
  9. Read more
  10. Get a photo of a real, live kangaroo

*please note this list may well change or grow in 3 months time!


One thought on “GAME: THE LIST

  1. Good luck with your list, sometimes we really do have to step away from the on line world and appreciate the simpler things in life (a cliche, I know, but very apt). I can help with the cocktails 🙂

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