The Head Scarf – Stepping away from the cap

This is the kind of style you can use when the weather hits its highest and lowest peaks – for those heavy winter breezes or those sweaty days.

Try folding the scarf in half and then placing it around your crown, tie it in a knot behind you and then you can double this up if the material feels a bit weighty.


The Poncho meets Blanket Wrap

If you’re looking for warmth that keeps you somewhere in style then tuck the pashmina into your bag for a late evening overthrow.

Take your pashmina and fully unfold it, wrapping it around you, then criss-cross it so you literally throw one side over to the next. It’s a bit messy and you can add a broach if you’d like to add a bit of elegance to this shrug as it holds the whole thing together better.

This style can also act as a good insulator for your hands, fold your arms and tuck yourself under the blanket.


The Sandy Mask

Recently I’ve found use for this style and those heading to dusty terrains may also find this a handy cloth to cover up half of your face to breathe a little easier and keep covered up.

Fold in half, tie round and double knot at the back. It’s not as heavy as you may think.

*Photographer, Dee



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