LIVE: Falling in love with a traveller

Spending some time browsing this headline, most of the articles I came across were more like self-help-advice columns, offering that sincere cliché: “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” – cringe! For someone who is usually inclined to use ‘fate’ as a conclusive ending to things that have no real explanation, even this comment made me grimace; as though someone seeking an ever-more romanticised version of the future could rely on this unanswered quote.

I realise now what I was looking for: epic tales of falling in love and frolics on the road.  Instead I stumbled across a somewhat more serious approach to what could have been a brilliant collection of personal memoirs gone public.

Clearly I wasn’t looking in the right place and so to Amazon I browsed. It was here that I gladly bought Brief Encounters: Sex, Love and Travel, a collection of short stories put together by Lonely Planet. May I recommend this read to anyone who is seeking a read on a subject that seems too emotional to discuss publicly, yet familiar enough to smile at in recognition. 

I’m glad I get to feel like this  – said she

The search engine wasn’t a total miss; a beautiful story from author Nancy writes “A bicycling kind of love story” that gives a gutsy glimpse at what life can be like even when you don’t follow society’s ideals. Nomadic Matt, a booming travel writer, has published a great read by Anygelina “The challenges of love on the road”  offering a realistic approach to advice and experiences of falling in love and falling in lust on your adventures. Something most of us can relate to even on our 2 week holidays.

On a personal note, the last year has shown a mixture of personalities and bodies that I have fleetingly enjoyed or willingly stayed in touch with.  Nomadic Matt writes quiet accurately when he says:

Destination relationships give travelers a chance at human contact – but without all the messy emotions that so often get involved. There’s no baggage. There’s a clear start and end date

I suppose the quote “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” is trying to get back to simplicity, trying almost desperately to find a way of explaining that there is no answer but a rough shrug of letting go. Let it be and allow yourself to fall whenever you can…. What do you think?

Some mixed reads on the topic…

Bohemian Trail

Travellers Point

Family On Bikes

Love and romance on the road


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