LIVE: The Unexpected Massage

I’m taken to a chair. It looks like the kind you find in a mental institute. The ladies hand gestures to sit on it, or somehow in it. I climb, fully clothed, as she places a small towel over the areas that will be patted, thumbed, knuckled and smoothed over. This covers my back, shoulders, arms, neck and head – which is my favourite, total bliss!

Then suddenly the dear lady judo-chop-thumps the shit out of my back, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s such a surprise that it causes a very British response of “oh right.” The buzzer alarms us that the fifteen minutes are up, the towel is whipped off and she sweetly says “finish now.”

I reply with a thousand thanks, but she doesn’t speak much English and just nods awkwardly – I hope she understand my gratitude for literally pounding the anxiety out of my spindly body.

This was my first experience of Hong Kong and an Asian style massage. It certainly did the trick!

Next up: hot shower.


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