GAME: What kind of games do you play at the airport?

One which has become a favourite of mine is scanning the board of places and gate numbers: the rule is I have to choose a place that instinctively stands out, if I had to go there right that second, for some reason a lot of the European cities sounded quiet tempting: Athens, Greece, was my choice this time round.

Then there are the others, the ones I have no idea about: take Entebbe, where the hell is that? It turns out it’s a central town in Uganda. There was also Riyadh, the Capital of Saudi Arabia (shame on me) and Abuja, Capital city of Nigeria (did you know that?).

Out of the three unknown destinations I actually chose Riyadh, perhaps one day I’ll have a bit more cash in my pocket and trial this game fully – book a flight to one of these desirable known or unknown spots.

Anyone fancy joining me?


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