That Foreign Taste Back Home: Limoncello

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Something strange has happened, the food tastes different to how it was abroad…the Mojo sauce from Spain doesn’t taste as good without the chef drizzling it over papas arrugada, the sun shining or a large (cheap) red. The mate tea was much more exciting and bitter in Argentina and I’m quiet sure the chocolate from California melted in my mouth.

There have been a variety of foods that I’ve brought home and introduced to my family, all of which have failed epically to excite their pallet. This time I turned to drink, a Brits best friend. On a visit to Switzerland I was introduced to Limon Cello, the only substance I’ve brought home, enjoyed and finished within a week. Although to my surprise this delightful drink is an Italian and comes in two consistencies: thick and creamy or light and clear. Drank in a short tumbler glass over ice before, during or after dinner (usually as an after dinner aperitif) this will give you a sure kick to any evening.

The creamy Limón cello is my more preferred choice; the clearer bottle somehow seems more potent and needs a mixer to calm down the sheer volume of alcohol.  

Thank-you Switzerland for bringing this yummy delicacy to the Talbutt household!

 Grab a bottle when you can guys!


2 thoughts on “That Foreign Taste Back Home: Limoncello

  1. well then you might be interested in the fact that, even if the lemon one is the original (the clear one), the creamy one comes in myriad flavors from peach over melon to strawberry… I will provide you with samples at one point;)

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