Inspire Me: A Route to Facing Your Fears

I recently read the article: “A Route to Facing Your Fears” by This piece caught my attention. The 5 fear factors set out have either been on my list previously (Needles, Fear #1 – check!) or remain, yet to be challenged on this coming trip.  

As my flight deadline to Sydney beckons I am reminded by friends and family, almost on a daily basis, that there are really big spiders out there: fear factor #4 Spiders/Bugs.  Though there are more than just spiders out there; they say I’m trading goldfish and moles for alligators and sharks. Perhaps it’s just coincidence that the section “Creatures in Oz” hasn’t yet been read and has in fact been avoided completely as though it doesn’t really exist.

In the first few months of being in Oz I’m hoping to endure some fruit picking work, a ticket to face #4, as my dear friend encourages:

Im afraid there will be bugs but feel empowered and in harmony, and always remember….you are much bigger than they are!


 #1 Creepy crawlies

#2 To do something daring – water sports based preferably

#3 Not having an exact plan, but a sketch

#4 Work and live in a place (or rather a country) I’ve never set foot in

 #5 Face the birds


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