The Brazilian Butt Lift –Get toned before and during travel

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In between returning home and booking my next, swift exit out of Hampshire I made a point of setting myself the following goal: to get stronger!

This goal has been influenced by travelling solo, meaning that you have to rely on your own physical strength. From a pidderly girl in the country:  thank-you for wheels on suitcases and that extra backpack strap – oh, and that lovely man who helped a struggling weakling. 

Counterparts will agree that my physical strength has upped dramatically in the last few months…OK, so I’ve only really put this idea into motion ever so recently, with departure getting closer jogging is becoming an everyday event and every-other- day I try this new fitness programme, BBL – the Brazil Butt Lift.


There are various programmes to choose from, depending on the area you’d like to shape up: lose weight, gain stamina, tone up a few squeegee bits or regain upper physical strength. I have personally been using the ‘sculpt’ session, which focusses on upper arm strength. It’s taken a few weeks to learn the routine but it’s slowly coming together, the biggest challenge not being the programme itself but starting it. Motivation? Please.

The Brazilian Butt Lift programme surveys a group that pop their hips like Shakira and manage to hold the plank ten minutes too long – while the trainer constantly shouts:

“Love your moves!”

I can’t wait until the sweat crystallises into a breezey-easy-peasey-work out.

The sessions last about 40 minutes and can be downloaded onto your computer/hard drive for portable use, so that when you travel you can keep tip-toned-up! That is of course if you have decided to indulge in the luxurious item of a laptop whilst  travelling, something people only seem to consider if they’re going for long periods of time, although the I-pad is rapidly replacing the lightweight laptop.

If carrying around your treasured technical goods isn’t an option then an alternative could be to memorise the routine for the road. I often find that swimming is a more tempting option when abroad anyhow and this tends to keep me fit when my diet will fluctuate with food and drink consumption rising and falling with budget and effort.

I’ll let you know how I get on maintaining this programme…

What fitness tips do you have before/during travel?


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