Travel Product: Portable Sound System for your I. pod

A seriously pink kind of pink, this portable sound system for your I-pod is neither very compact nor mega light, which makes you wonder why it would ever be considered (let alone mentioned) on a travelling product section, yet it’s actually rather fun, sprightly even, and against all odds you can’t help but fall for this speaker system.

This borderline garish item was a gift, and as any Brit will tell you, free items are loved with total bias and you can never really explain why. So it is that I find myself enjoying this I-pod speaker for no other reason than its freebie status. The speaker still remains without a label, product box or ‘proper’ (defined) product name. There is a leaflet mind, detailing how you use the thing and that, after all, is what you really need to know.

After adding 2 AA batteries and flicking the switch from ‘off’ to ‘on,’ this speaker doesn’t hold back blasting quality rhythms from your I-pod or I-phone. To say I was surprised is an understatement, I actually ran around the house shouting “yes, it’s actually pretty good, isn’t it?” so much for not judging a book by its cover.

Practically it’s simple and couldn’t be any easier to use. Aesthetically it’s loud and so is its music pumping ability. Unfortunately is not waterproof, but it has a hard casing to support your electronics.

One of its useful features is on the back – displaying several hooks– one of which is a small metal piece that you can attach to your luggage, reliable enough to have confidence that it will secure well.

The second hook is a rubbery-type of band placed in the centre that allows you to put a belt through, connecting as you jog along, suggesting that this system is for the sporting enthusiast, which only makes me like it more…although, would the public like to hear your blaring music? Perhaps not. I may well use this on my travels, working on fruit farms, let’s hope they enjoy a bit of Aretha Franklin.

Testing the device:

Sound quality: 10/10 – Usability: 10/10 – Aesthetics: 8/10

Any feedback on this item is very welcome: what it’s called, where it’s from or how much it costs? So far e-bay is selling it from £2 under the name ‘I-pod Speaker’. Fancy a bargain piece?


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