Dig in to South America’s Empanadas

This image from Sazon made me smile so much: Dig in!

 I first tasted this South American delight in Argentina, Salta. The hostel was fairly quiet but they still catered for those lonely travellers who couldn’t be arsed to cook, which introduced a meal of empanadas for a bit of Argentine Peso. While the gentleman cooked dinner we sipped red wine, enjoying the ease of the night, understanding that worlds aren’t so far apart when it comes to wining and dining.

What the British know as a Cornish pasty, South America has their own take on this moon shaped pastry, stuffed with pretty much anything and everything: mince, cheese, vegetables, egg, potatoes, fish, pork… South America creates what we might better associate as the pizza pocket, or calzone, and they are a real treat!

Name it!

You may like to know the name empanada comes from
the verb “empanar” which means “to wrap and coat in bread”

Empanadas are a total delight as a mid-day snack or you can bulk these out with salad and deep glass of red for a larger meal starting from 5 Argentine Peso.

Fancy baking your own?

The Hairy Bikers take on Beef Empanadas published by the BBC

Cook with Argentina at Try2Cook with this meaty parcel

 Food Network offer a more peculiar slant, stuffing banana into these empanadas

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3 thoughts on “Dig in to South America’s Empanadas

    1. Hi Colleen, lovely to hear from you. How funny – I’ve only been introduced to the savoury kind! Mmm, what are the sweet ones you’ve found? Maybe try baking some soon 😉 xx

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