The #Travel #Journal – What’s Your Favourite #Style?

Globetrotting with Elegance

 Paperchase, from £8 :“A5 Flexible Journal/Notebook”


My first and still one of my favourites –  this slim, smooth leather book offers an elegant body. Understated with a simple ‘journal’ tagline, this travel notebook details A5 lined paper and a light weight feel. A perfectly, compact size to fit into your case but still have a decent pad of paper to jot down your memories.

Small in Length but Plenty of Girth?

Paperchase, from £5: “Postage Stamps”


Lots of colour and much more playful, this travel journal has a few added extra’s with pockets to keep those little pieces of memorabilia safe (and hotel cards if one forgets to hand it back…). There’s also a clear, zipped bag attached to the back which is very useful for storage. The biggest set back here is the thickness of the journal, it’s not quiet as thin as the others and the pad of paper is much smaller with an A6 format. I prefer to have lots of space when I write as my handwriting is pretty fat. It has a lot more going on in terms of storage and the casing is sure to make you smile.

A Tough Beauty

Wild & Wolf, from £9: “Keepsake Journal”

* Please note I have fallen in love with this site.


A beautiful, girly design, yet the casing has a much harder back than the others. This 96 page travel journal is slightly different with two shades of paper: cream and brown (or Kraft) with details of a crown head to outline the top of the page, symbolising the importance of your note taking (ha!).

A creative travel journal that I shall be using on my next trip, although the pad of paper measures: length 18.5cm x width 12.5cm, so I may have to reduce my handwriting size.

Lots to Talk About?

WHSMITH, from £5: "Notebook"


A leather-bound cover designed with a deep floral pattern. This notebook is slightly larger than an A5 pad and proves very useful if you have lots to write about. It’s  much heavier than others and because of this isn’t the most ideal journal to pack in your case for that light and compact need. A smart design for day-to-day note taking.

Also Consider

Cathy Kidstone’s, from £10: 3 Mini-Journals” 

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