Take me there: Sex and the City Tour, New York City

While in New York the Sex & the City Tour was top of our list and you should ensure it’s on yours, too! Please don’t let this ridiculously fun trip pass you by when you’re in the city, think dildos and cupcakes – it’s a sure recipe for smiles.

Screen Tours offer this trip at $46 (£29) and from past experience they’re reliable to be on time and guide you through each stop of New York with the excitement and profanity this tour requires.


Highlights include:  A cocktail at Steve and Aidan’s bar “Scout” 
and a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery aka. Heaven.

We actually ended up booking an evening meal at Buddakan, the restaurant where Big and Carrie have their rehearsal dinner. They serve Asian cuisine on 9th Avenue and it’s a real treat, meaning rather expensive, with an atmosphere for dimly lit romance and seriously delicious dishes. Just by the bar they have square tables and long bench-like seating which makes for a sociable evening.

*If you’re tempted make a reservation while you’re on tour 
or pick up a business card from the bar and call later.

Further Information

Buddakan Restaurant

Magnolia Bakery, NYC

“Scout’s Bar”, O’Neil’s Hoboken Bar

Screen Tours


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