Allura Travel Bottle Set: cheap and cheerful, but is it worth it?

Colour within your travels

Allura Travel Bottle Set, £1 @ Poundland 

Within our bathroom there stands a cupboard and in this sits a lot of stuff. Every time I’m off on my travels this is the notorious stash I invade and this time I came across the Allura Travel Bottle Set, only £1 from, yes, Poundland.


What’s included?

1 x 100ml pump bottle (add perfume, mouthwash)

3 x 100ml pop cap bottle (add shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser)

All stored in a clear (transparent) travel case

They’re the size of aeroplane guidelines and the casing allows you to follow the rules to showcase what you’re taking onboard through check in.

I’ve often questioned whether these bottles are worth the hassle of distributing a bit of shampoo into these 100ml bottles, or if it’s simply more straight forward to purchase the mini-travel products that are now so popular. I suppose the big deal here is time and effort.

Who, When, Why?

If I was an avid weekend traveller the cost of buying the mini-travel versions may well add up, so to save a bit of money perhaps it’s best to give a bit of time and decant  into these handy bottles. What do you reckon?

I am yet to utilise these travel bottles, but they’re not expensive and there’s potential for great travel product here.


For further information on quantity onboard please see TSA: Transportation Security Administration

Details on purchasing Allura Travel Bottle Set

Upgrade to Marks & Spencer’s Deluxe Travel Bottle Set , £7.50 (also includes body puff and mirror)


2 thoughts on “Allura Travel Bottle Set: cheap and cheerful, but is it worth it?

  1. HI, I purchased these a few days ago but I also got two little pots which I have sliced some lippy into, My shampoo and conditioner are all 500 ml sizes so I have squirted them into these and it didnt take very long at all.
    I picked up another set in Primark for £1 but you got a funnel and four little pots alnog with the four larger bottles and these will also be used for my holiday to contain my face wash and moisturiser. For £1 they are worth it I think.

  2. Thanks for your comments, really useful. I’ve not tried them myself and am in two minds of using them – it sounds as though they’re a bargain and worth the time, Lippy pots? Now thats a good idea! Would you use these just for a weekend getaway or do you reckon these will last for a 2 week stint perhaps (or longer?) xxxxx

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