How a man looks good hiking – A simple task of practicality and style

Hiking gear for a man isn’t that different to a woman’s approach; it really depends on climate and how much you layer up. Here are a few guidelines on what you can wear with the practicalities of a good hike and still look top dollar…

Picture by Dennis Cox: “Two Male Hikers”


Walking shoes – they’re light and fully waterproof. Those bulky walking boots don’t fit nicely into any backpack and they give un-necessary platform, like ladies heels. Oh, and they’re super ugly. Walking shoes all the way people!


Start with a basic under layer: Standard t-shirt accompanied by a loose open shirt

Note: keep the shirt a dark, neutral colour: khaki or navy.

Vintage Army Cotton Shirt

TIP: Board shorts are great on a hot day, try to go for a
dip on route.

On a more shady day wear long but light trousers. Pack a windproof jacket and warm jumper, which you can secure in your backpack as layers.

TIP: Pack a thin, woollen scarf. They look really cuddly and 
this aids extra warmth, stylishly, of course.


Think of these as boys toys, the extra bits and bobs needed on an adventure:

A pocket knife – to open a bottle of wine mid-hike?

Condoms – you just never know.


Blacks – Outdoor clothing for men. It’s not cheap, but its decent quality.

Simply Hike – A range of products, brands and price tags to suit.


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