Let the Rheinfall!

The Rheinfall waterfall gallops along with two stunning medieval castles poised over it. An array of boat trips circle the lake or you can get-up-close-and-personal to the fall. The ducks are rather lovely, too.

 Get in the middle of the Rheinfall

There’s a rock right in the middle of the waterfall which you can ride up to on boat and then climb up (there are steps). It’s very cosy and the top viewing deck is about as big as my little finger.

Time: 30 minutes. Very much recommended. 
Price: Sfr8 adult, Sfr4 Children.

 Go around the Rheinfall

A tour around the Rhein is an easy-going way of viewing the angles of the fall and at times feeling the aftermath spray.

Time: 20 minutes. Price: Sfr6 adult, Sfr3 Children.

 Note: When it rains the boats do have closed roof tops. 

 The Orange Train

 The main reason for taking this little orange number was the rain chucking it down, but it’s worth a little go anyway at Sfr 1.90 it can take you right back to where you began (the car park).

Very leisurely!

You’d like more information?

 See: http://www.rheinfall.ch/


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