Lake Constance: Sail Away With the ‘Fock-Affe’

Fock-Affe: Fock (sail) Affe (monkey), a term given to the person jumping from one side of the boat to the other, who handles the little sail. Guess which one I was, the captain or the monkey?

45 minute setup – 1.5 hours in sail – 10 minute capsized – 20 minute recovery

Costing 7 Euros per hour, 
Insurance 30 Euros for season

Although I was given a sincere promise that the boat would not turn over, it was important to know what to do if this eventually happened (which it did) and it really comes down to the simple task of swimming: fast.

My biggest fear with sailing is the boat falling upside down with me trapped in it. It turns out the few things to do during this catastrophe are:

  • Ensure your belongings don’t drift far, far away
  • Push the big piece of wood back into place…technical term apparently: sword (cool, eh?)
  • To maintain a calm composure, naturally, whilst swimming for your life

This year’s next sporting challenge was to sail, and in Lake Constance it’s a mandatory requirement to swim the waters of this enchanting landscape. When they say ‘lake’ it appears to be a small sea, not a little enclave of water.

Highly recommended, involving lots more practical than I anticipated, although you can just sit back and cruise along in the sun once everything is in place; really rather good fun.

Note: Go on a sunny day, leave belongings in-car and take a few beers.

Fun Sailing Words

Captain Douche Bag, Boom, Jib, Fock-Affe: Fock (sail) Affe (monkey)


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