How to look good hiking? An impossible task of femininity and practicality

Burdened with the challenge of mixing a feminine outlook with the practicalities of a good hike? Me too, but this can be simple, you just need to note the basics.

Extra’s: pashmina & hat


Walking trainers. The boots are chunky and hot, the sandals seep in water. Just go with the walking trainer.

TIP: You can wear pop-socks for gentle walks.


You’re probably going to be on varying gradients and weather will turn; with this so can your levels of cloth.

Start with a light base:  t-shirt, or a simple strappy top.

Add a long sleeve top – the thickness can be fleecy just note that your temperature will rise as you walk, so a simple cotton sleeve can also work well.

TIP: Carry a light weight waterproof jacket with a hood for when 
the rain pours and you get chilly.


This differs for everyone, but generally tight hiking gear just gets sweaty. I go for trousers that zip at varying levels to alternate between a long leg, quarter length or shorts for different temperatures on route. These hug the bum and that’s about as much hugging needed.

TIP: Alternatively those jogging trousers you don’t mind getting 
messy are a comfy and loose way to handle an easy trek.

Note: If you know it’s going to be a snowy mountain top leggings can be a warm under-layer.


Fashion Questions and The Vancouver Sun


One thought on “How to look good hiking? An impossible task of femininity and practicality

  1. well that looks like a pro hiker to me;)
    love to read your blog.. especially when the activity seems to be familiar…

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