Getting involved with the Olympics – for free?

High socks? Walking stick? Tipsy? You’ve got to be British.


Victoria Park: BT LONDON LIVE

Get me there!

The underground Mile End is a good one to catch. It’s a 15 minute walk to the park.

Free, really?

Free entry. Yes.

What’s involved?

Big screens showing the games

Beautiful jazz bands all day

Pink plastic jigsaw stuff: please see photo for more details

Fun games, although a lot of kid stuff, there’s also a ferris wheel, zip-line and basketball hoops which were very cool.

Eateries: noodles, fish & chips, pizza. We recommend the hog roast, yum!

I only spied two bars: The Sun and The Heineken tent(s).

What to be aware of!

They’re really strict on what you take in, which is obvious I suppose for Olympic security, but it’s a park. So it was a little weird going through body scanners that are usually saved for airport control.

You also have to chuck all your food and water – although you can just drink the water and re-fill the bottle inside. Lots of water fountains you see. We also managed to sneak in banana cake –fluttering eyes work.

Sanitary stuff…

Lots and lots of porter loos that are cleaned every half hour. Not amazing, but not awful.


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