That key question: what to wear onboard?

There are 2 categories and all you have to do is layer

Getting far, far away

This kind of trip only happens if I’m going away for a few months, which means my case will be full, ultimately pushing me to wear the more bulky items on board. Leading to this outfit:

Walking shoes – I take these off during flight. People don’t mind you walking around in socks, right?

Trousers – baggy, comfortable and not too thick

Strappy top – Your base layer, it gets hot on the plane after a few hours

Cardigan – Second layer

Pashmina – For when they blast air con, also a good neck support

Comfortable underwear – There’s nothing worse than regretting this decision

The whippet snapper crossing

There’s plenty of room in my case for those bulky shoes and the flights only going to be an hour or two – this means I can dress more girly and be much more lenient on footwear.

Flipflops – let those toes breath

Dress – check the weather of your destination first

Leggins – You can always take them off on the other side

Comfortable underwear –  Just, every time.


Pashmina – same rules apply

Your case should be on the other side, but if its not you’ll have to be in this outfit for the next 24 hours (hopefully not 48 hours…). So don’t wear heels and please don’t wear lycra leggings.


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