The Fanny Pack – Comedy Item or Crafty Investment?

In most countries the expression ‘fanny-pack’ can be used in conversation and passed without odd looks or giggling fits. In England that doesn’t happen and it’s due to this comedy factor that the item has acquired such a poor name.

Bumbag from

Otherwise known as the bum-bag or nerdy sack (love that one) – I’ve avoided ever buying this product and grimaced at anyone who’s actually bought it and then worn it. Who are you people?

Why would you have it?

  • The assumption that having your belongings below your belly button will enable you to stop strangers robbing you
  • Your mum bought it for you
  • The first time traveller following guidebook advice

URBAN OUTFITTERS have given it their best shot at making these hideous bags slightly more designer: BELT BAGS priced from £18.

Why wouldn’t you have it?

  • If you have a bag that’s short enough to tuck under your armpit (ladies) you should be robber and douche bag free
  • Secret pockets (now not-so-secret) are stitched into travel clothing – trousers, jackets, shorts –  this way its safe and fashionable. The gear is of good quality, too.
  • Aside from the reputable name, the fanny pack sits on your stomach and enhances the look of being bloated

BUZZ FEED highlight some classic fanny pack moments in their article ’42 Awkward Fanny Pack Photos’

Fanny pack verdict? It’s not cool, it’s certainly not sexy and the most I’ve got out of it is a good old fashioned laugh. Comedy item, don’t you think?


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