The Sleeping Eye Mask: Novelty Travel Gear?

The sleeping eye mask has often seemed like a waste of time and it is not until you experience a sleepless journey that you find a secret love for this tiny piece of cloth.

Now I would swear by them and feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with those glaring TV screens on bus journeys or natural light peeping in through those mini-aeroplane windows. There’s only one solution (other than sunshades) and that is the sleeping eye mask.

A friend of mine has decided to re-design her own, which is pretty cool, but for those of you who aren’t quiet as crafty (like me) just pack the squash-able mask into your carry on and enjoy a good snooze! They’re often handed out for free during flight.


Flight 001 have recently come on my radar and though there products can be expensive, they are very groovy. Here are some inspirational designs if you want to look slightly less boring while you sleep. The following products ranging from £14.00, eek!

Flight 001 Eye Mask




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