Your wash bag is weighing you down! Here are some mini ideas…

Here are some tips on cutting down luggage weight, enjoy and goodluck!

Holiday Min’s @ Google Image

*Please note that when you’re going home you can throw these away and buy a new bottle later. Don’t be a guilty hoarder – unless it’s the expensive stuff, of course…

 “The Weekend Visit” – Pack the mini stuff

For someone with thick hair, these miniature bottles have been a long standing joke. The tiny bottles of shampoo will not meet my needs! Please don’t be as ignorant as me, after trailing these holiday mini’s my verdict has changed drastically.

Shampoo, conditioning, body gel and deodorant will last you 5 days easily (surprised? I was!). Washing your hair twice, using body gel daily and using the deodorant daily (obviously). I was worried the mini-shampoo was going to run out very quickly on just one side of my head, but I was proved wrong.

I’ve tested Dove’s products, but there are plenty to choose from. This left my hair a bit dry, so for frizzle dizzle hair like mine pack the sachets of 3 minute hydrating conditioner too.

Unfortunately the price isn’t that impressive and seems a bit ridiculous, you’re paying for a brand in most cases, but there are some deals to be had.

Single bottles: £2, the cheapest being £1 from Boots and Superdrug.

OFFER! Spied in Superdrug at the moment 4 for 3 dealio, which I would take advantage of now, otherwise these mini-sets are around at Christmas in gift sets and often come with a scrunchy.

 “I’m Moving Permanently” – Pack the mini stuff

If you’re fleeing the country and need simple washing products instantly, pack the smaller versions until you’ve settled in. Then you can purchase the bigger, industrial size goods for your new home.

 “The Lucky Traveller” 2 in 1

 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioning – This also acts as a body wash and will last you 2 months easily.

I usually opt for Head and Shoulders, going for £3 in most beauty stores and supermarkets. I recently used Pantene’s 2 in 1 but it left my hair feeling a bit dry, while Head & Shoulders works the roots and tips much better.

OFFER! Boots are currently doing 2 for £6 on these products, nice!

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