To take the travel pillow or not to take the travel pillow…

You should know now that I have never taken a travel pillow abroad.

Largely on the grounds that my Mum advised me this was a good idea, handing over a flat packed blow up pillow for lengthily, upcoming bus journeys.

…I will not be that silly poppet on the bus who inflates her pillow

So naturally I said no and laughed outrageously, as this tiny piece of travelling equipment found itself at the bottom of my wardrobe.

I will not be that silly poppet on the bus who inflates her pillow. Until of course I sat next to someone who did exactly that and fell asleep, comfortably, on our remaining 10 hour bus ride.

The thing is if you’re travelling for a long period of time, a miniature pillow could be a good investment costing £3 up. As long as it’s compact and you can endure the embarrassment of blowing this up in public, go for it. I’ve still no idea why I find this such a strange concept.

In truth I opt without pillow, but perhaps when my neck starts to crumble and needs added support, this will be my next travelling essential item.

For some advice on which pillow to opt for, David has reviewed a golden one here:


6 thoughts on “To take the travel pillow or not to take the travel pillow…

  1. Inflatable travel pillows I have found to be too-easily punctured, and often leak from the point of sale. I’ve just perfected the art of the coiled-up jumper pillow-cum-blanket, which has the added benefit of doubling as a jumper when you get off the bus at 2am in some forsaken bus terminal with no hope of resuming anything useful until 8 in the morning!

    1. Aaha! This is the thing, make shift your way through travel. Thanks for the comment, have a good day buddy 🙂 x

  2. I invested in a neck support pillow before we can out to visit you and it was the best thing I ever did! Mary was very envious!

    1. Oh yes, was this one of the few essential items you packed in hand luggage? 😉 hmm, maybe I should get one of these and test trial it. cheers for comment kit-kat xx

  3. I am about to embark on an InterRail adventure and I just picked up travel pillows for myself and my travel buddy. 99p each from the 99p store! I don’t have high hopes of longevity but if they at least last a few night train journeys I’ll be happy…I will report back with my results…

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