This week we’re talking about… Mojo Sauce!

Austin Powers pronounces mojo sauce as ‘mow-jow’, however the correct Spanish pronunciation is ‘moh-hoh’; and unlike Austin we’re talking about a hot, spicy sauce infamous on this little Canary island.

Mow-how sauce

I came across this delicious sauce at what is now my favourite place to eat out in Las Palmas, the Oliva Restaurant. We ordered papas arrugadas, also a delicacy on the island. They’re wrinkly salty potatoes that have been boiled for hours, finally covered in tangy red sauce and then they sit in-front of you steaming with yummy-ness.


Since tasting mojo it has accompanied many a dish from pasta, pork chops, sandwiches or delicate appetisers – you can dunk this sauce on pretty much anything and it’ll marry up perfectly.

I don’t think you can get this in the UK, so there will be a big effort to pop into Hiperdino the local supermarket, yes that’s actually its name, and make enough room to carry a few jars home.


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