Spain Vs. Italy: Kick off!

For someone who has very little interest in football, being in Spain for the Euro final was something of a turnover; time to change my opinion of this sport, well, for one night at least.

To watch football in a British bar is like walking into an aggressive testosterone pit, not to my liking and certainly not welcoming. This is probably why I’ve leaned more towards  rugby; a game that although more aggressive in action attracts a very different crowd, more gentlemen perhaps? Not necessarily, but the men are definitely of different calibre. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

Spain is a country that adores football and this became quiet clear during the last week with a growing display of flags, practice run of fireworks and horn blowing. This was going to be an event, not just a match.

A group of us managed to get a table, positioned well for the game: directly in line with the TV and right behind a group of red and yellow fans, with a large flag ready to wave with the chance of scoring.


I’m not sure if Italy were playing badly, or whether Spain are actually…good? People at work have told me they were surprised, too! But wasn’t the second goal incredible? Erm, every goal was amazing – it was a goal! And each time we had red and yellow jumping up and down, hornet sounds blasting, beer glasses crashing and this great big “waheeeey!”

The atmosphere was a mix of camaraderie and pure wonderful hype. The first goal was a taster, the second was champion, the third confirmed a win and the fourth was just jaw dropping, really four goals? Well done Spain! “waheeeey!”

* Please note image is taken from Google


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