Barranco de Guayadeque

Barranco de Guayadeque completely blew me away, mostly because I never thought I´d make it there and now I´ve been twice, funny how things turn out.

As with most places in Gran Canaria, the very best places can only be reached by driving. A kind couple from work took me there, after asking constantly how to reach this remote cave dwelling.

The drive takes you through a beautiful and impressive mountainous landscape making you feel rather small in comparison. Half way up you will come across a (sort-of) village on the side of a dusty mountain where people still live in mini-houses and caves.

The gardens are really pretty with burst of colour and cactuses. I wish I ´d had the courage to ask one of the residents if I could look around their casa. Perhaps a bit too touristy though.

We were saying we wouldn’t want to be teenagers living there, its quiet remote and I´m baffled as to how their day-to-day lives run with being so far from anyone or anything except tourists and great big mountains – very much worth seeing.

Once you’ve reached the top you will be greeted by a unique restaurant: Cueva Tagoror.

If you go on a Sunday they cater more for specific Canaria food such as sancocho and papas arrugadas.

Sancocho *Please note image is taken from Google.

The food is very reasonably priced and you´re eating in a cave, an experience made comfortable with modern day lighting and fitted bars. There’s a gift shop and terrace there, too.

Terrace at the Caves


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