When your case visits Scotland before you

A dear friend came to visit the island of Gran Canaria recently and it seems that since our uni days she has developed a hilarious bubble of bad luck. The first of which was her luggage making its way to Glasgow, rather than Gran Canaria – GG / GC mix up?

Sadly I laughed (literally) in her face, which did no amount of help. The truth is I knew it would all be alright, especially as Primark was just around the corner – very in keeping with Spanish culture is Las Palmas. There’s also an M&S in-case you pine for UK bits.

Here are a few tips to calm you down when this kind of disaster strikes and you have a knob-head friend who laughs in your face:

1) Help Desk – they can do two things.

First let them know your luggage has been lost in transit, if at first they can’t find it look very upset and ask them to check the system again. This worked for my friend and they eventually located it in Glasgow, which took a swift 24 hours to be delivered to their hotel.

* Please note they should deliver your case to your place of stay. If you have to go back to the airport to collect your luggage, keep a reciept of expenses and claim later.

If not call them the following day and persevere with locating that case. Ensure you keep all your documents in one place safely, note down the contacts you will need and give them yours.

Secondly they should provide an overnight kit. This usually consists of basic needs such as toothpaste, toothbrush, basic wash goodies and an eye mask. If you go with a more upgraded airline you may well get extra fun bits such as condoms. Classy.

2) Keep valuables in hand luggage

If anything this experience re-asserted the importance of carrying those essential items in your hand luggage/ your carry on bag: medication – keeping them in a clear bag – documentation including insurance, flight and emergency contacts, back up card and money. Also take extra layers with you wear on board and seriously consider what you during flight, as this may be an outfit for the next 48 hours. Don’t wear lycra leggings.

3) Insurance

It´s an obvious one but make sure you take good cover on holiday. If you lose your luggage and need to purchase key things to tide you over it’s good to know you can claim a certain amount daily.

4) Not all is lost

Have a good think about where you are and what´s actually happening. As long as you have your passport, medication, monies and somewhere to kip for the night you can get by. Your luggage will most probably be with you within the next 48 hours and there will be plenty of shops and amenities in budget and in distance to cater for your loss. You’ve made it through customs, go and enjoy your new location.


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