Dealing with curly hair abroad

For those who also suffer from frizzy curls, I write to you not with a defined solution to this awful issue but with some roundabout ways I get through such frizzle dizzle moments.


If having hair down means the air increases the expanse of my hair width-ways, opting for hair to go up with these 2 styles helps hide the madness:

  • The big ballet bun: it’s a messy elegance and can look better with a pretty hair accessory and dangly earnings
  • Plait it: sideways or sitting to the back, this doesn’t require you to pull all your hair away like the bun, which can be severe if you’re not used to having full face exposure. You can finish this off with a colourful, simple, tie or ribbons if you’re super girly.


They all say the same thing, promising to rid of the frizz as long as you use hair straighteners shortly after you’ve used all of their products. Erm, no. I´ve recently discovered hydrating hair conditioner and this is helping.

You can buy them in sachet form to test try (Boots or Superdrug) for about a pound and then you can fully commit once you´ve found the one that suits your hair type and budget. Tresemme is doing me big favours at the moment but Aussie is also a good one looking at a fiver for a bottle.  


Warm – not humid – temperatures will do wonders for curly hair. Playing in the sea, letting the salt absorb while the sun dries every curl into definition is the only sure thing that helps frizz. When you´re away get as much beach action as possible!

I’ve been told about sea-salt spray, does this work for thick curly hair? I´ve never tried it but it may be the next best thing for that holiday hair look.

* Please note image is loaded from google with:


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