3 Travelling Essentials

Recently Wanderlust Magazine wrote about those essential travelling ítems, a great read as this can be such a personal process. Here are my 3 travelling must have pieces…

1. Camera

After having my purse pinched in Buenos Aires I remember feeling a great sense of relief that they hadn´t got hold of my snaps; evidence that the trip actually happened as I go home to little Hampshire and question whether I really was in that place with those people? A wonderful reminder and luckily I had a back up card, so no major loss. Just a 30 pound bill in Burger King.

2. Savlon

Medicine I believe could save the world – bites, itches, scars, broken leg? Well, maybe not. Any query, add a bit of savlon.

3. Tweezers

Eyebrows are a cruel creation and one that can only be tamed with a tweez. Also useful for splinters and sorting out technical issues that require a gentle (sharp) nudge.

What ever your essential item there´s usually a jolly good reason for it!

* Please note the images contained are from Google.


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