North Isleta: Casas de las Coloradas

It turns out we´ve been living a mere minute away from a beautiful, arid coastal path. We found this while jogging ´´around the corner´´ to see what else there could be, expecting a dead end and maybe a cactus; instead Casa de las Coloradas emerged.

Described as an after-thought continuing North from Playa de las Canteras, the coastal path starts with a rustic bridge, develops into carefully laid decking and then at its edge becomes a wide expanse of rock that you can walk for miles and hours.

Most of the people who know about this (now not so) secret area are couples who risk a more advanced swim but enjoy the privacy Canteras lacks. Surfers and body-boarders like this area, too.

…expecting a dead end and maybe a cactus; instead Casas de Las Coloradas emerged.

There are a few runners along this path who I believe started with a similar outlook and soon felt the need to jump into the deep turquoise froth as they approach the edge of Coloradas.


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