Reaching your highest point at Pozo de las Nieves

Not to be mistaken for Puerto de las Nieves which sits on the West Coat, Pozo de las Nieves meaning ´well of the snow´ is placed in the rural centre of the island in Tejeda, my favourite region of the island.

You will need a good friend with a car, or a gorgeous chaperone, to whiz you up the ever swirly roads finally taking you to a dead end that grants you panoramic vistas that hold its reputation as the highest point on the island.

Reaching 1,949m this area was at first covered in white fluff, but once the clouds shift a stunning backdrop is presented. From this height you can see Roque Nublo and claims have been made that you can view various other Canarian islands; however I have only seen the defined silhouette of Tenerife and Mount Teide.

Ensure you take a watermelon and walk down into the pine forests to sit and eat away the views with scrumptious refreshments. This area is also a favourite for decent hikes or camping.


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