Roque Nublo: Rock in the Clouds

…waiting for the sun to dissolve into the West and all that is left are shadows.

Some how over the last few years I´ve developed into what modern day call a ´hiker.´ I even have the chunky footwear, although not so far as the boots, which give serious hiking attitude. All the same, there are times more recently when I find myself in these situations – half way up a gradient, sweating –  and I pause, have a good look at what´s going on, at what I´m seeing, and there´s this new scope.

Roque Nublo translated as Rock in the Clouds (or Rock Clouded); is a shape the Spanish nickname ´rana´ meaning ´frog.´ It was another blue skied afternoon in May that we drove to the centre of Gran Canaria, Tejeda, to find the route up to the rocky frog.

What You´re Dealing With . . .

You´re only dealing with a 30 minute walk with a few jarred stones to climb and then you emerge on top, viewing several things.

First you witness texture: pine instead of palm trees. Then there’s colour: rough greenery instead of blonde sand. And then there’s depth: you will be standing 1,803 metres high searching for the rock, which will be hidden in wispy clouds.

Walking into the cloud and around the rock will lead you to several different angles of light and curves of this little island. Soon the clouds shift so you can get a decent snapshot of this volcanic, reminisce.

In May the tourists aren’t too bad, but visit in the evening when no one is around and the clouds sit among one another, waiting for the sun to dissolve into the West and all that is left are shadows.


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