How local will you go?

Since moving to Gran Canaria I’ve been figuring out which areas of the Spanish culture to par-take in.

Perhaps a football game? Even watching it on the TV screen guarantees something of a spectical. Fireworks tend to follow, too. Incase you weren’t aware of how popular football was over here, they have it playing on every other public TV- whether its a ‘big’ game or not.

Salsa and cookery lessons have made it to the top of my list with the aim to embrace some Spanish style. There’s lots of intercambio lessons available also for English and Spanish alike to practice their lingo.

But what seems to be right at the bottom (excuse the pun) of the wish list are those teeny tiny trunks the men sport here and indeed the going topless ladies..perhaps they feel they’ve got more to show off, or perhaps they’re just really, really silly.

Whatever your inkling is to become intergrated into the Spanish lifestyle, you really need ask yourself: how local are you prepared to go?


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