Playa de las Canteras

Coined as the ‘mar de nubes’ (sea of clouds) Playa de las Canteras has a varied  outlook, both with its people and the architecture.

The beach has that paradise descrip: palm trees, perfectly clear water and golden sand. Its also the first beach I’ve been to that doesnt have a single shell on it, most peculiar. Upon the beach is the promenade, with a mish-mash of old and new buildings; some high-rise hotels and some of that quintessential Spanish colour every now and then.

Much like the buildings, the promenade gathers people of all ages – the retired folk and the new age. They all, however, have a mirrored desire to keep fit and by 8.30am old couples are rereating from their morning sea swim; groups of women setup camp for a game of bingo – some using sand as heaps for their chosen numbers – and cadets run by in huddles and short shorts (much to my appreciation).

In this short strip you get a sense of the good life and despite its bizzare outlook, its vibe is very enjoyable and you soon understand why the North is becoming more preferable for that Spanish cultural intake.


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