What to do with those postcards

What’s your collectable item? Tiles from each place you visit, coasters from those bars on route, or perhaps its old money.

For me it is a good old-fashioned postcard. It’s an image stuck to a bit of cardboard and frankly I love them. Upon being asked what I look for when choosing a postcard I sort of stopped: it had been a very unconscious decision – I like that one so I’ll get it; without really thinking too much about why. What has become evident is the more vibrant the better and if it focuses on a landscape or activity I’ve just been to then that’s the winner.

Now home – what the hell do I do with them?

If you’re a hoarder of postcards alike, then here are a few ideas to display and store your mementos:


With a large table that has a glass top: place the postcards beneath the glass frame and secure. This concept could work well with coasters, too. You have a vibrant coffee or dining situation.


Frame them into a montage. You can get some seriously large photo frames and it will ensure they’re up for all to see in a well-kept space. There’s something to be said about the definition a frame can give to this kind of artwork.


Scrapbook – although this means they won’t be on show for all to see, its one way of keeping them safe. You could even categorise them in theme: location, vintage, activity…with added notes and quotations to accompany your book.


If you’re a little kooky try connecting a piece of light string across your room to imitate a fishing line, then clip your postcards across this with pegs.


Simple but can look busy. Stick them to a blank wall you have at home. They may not be that well protected, but it will certainly make an impression.


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