So…who are you?

I’ve been through my journal recently and there are several people on my travels that remain anonymous.

They are the people I shared some unforgettable experiences with and some that merely joined me for a few pisco sours – remaining nameless and ever more poignant.

One of the most bizarre concepts of travelling is that you meet such an array of people for different periods of time: a day trip out or a few months touring. What remains is a few words in a journal to recollect that time, but maybe that’s what makes them so brilliant – a bit of the unknown makes them that bit more memorable.


One thought on “So…who are you?

  1. A cup of tea in the sun whilst reading the wise words of a Miss Natalie Talbutt? I think so.
    And most enjoyable they are too.
    Nothing like a bit of Jordans left boob of an afternoon. x

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