On Board with your medication

 – The just in case thoughts –

If you take medication on a daily basis, be it diabetes or other, don’t worry about travelling with everything – travel can be done with your needed medicine.

It is advised to take a bit extra for those emergency situations, for instance being stranded in your destination longer than expected; some of it could get lost in transit or you could struggle to find what you need in your destination. These are very rare scenarios and are the ‘just in case’ thoughts. Never the less it’s best to be prepared and cover all necessities.

Best to visit your doctor and tell them how long you’re planning on travelling for – 2 weeks or a month, for example.

They will give you the needed prescription for the length of your visit and indeed that bit extra for the ‘just in-case’ stuff. Your doctor will print off a set letter with a list of your medication. They will then stamp the letter and sign, giving authorisation of the medication as you walk through customs and on the plane with lots of drugs. Phew!


  •  Always take extra just in case you’re stranded or it gets lost
  • Take a big bag on board the plane and try to carry all medication with you
  • Sometimes you can’t get the medication abroad,  again extra is best
  • Secure a letter and have it photocopied in an accessible place: email is good

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