The solo traveller: are you man or woman?

Don’t worry about it – get to know the really big guys on tour

As a female, solo traveller I can tell you that it’s the people at home that worry about your safety more than you actively care to consider. Perhaps its the worst of our imagination that allows us to question society and the people in it – but going it solo was not only more rewarding, it also put into perspective the best that people can be, not the worst that we tend to imagine.

But what of men going it solo, are home bods just as nervous for their safety? The stigma of women being more vulnerable abroad feels a little gender bias: what about the men’s safety? I for one felt safe in South America, one of the most reputably dangerous places you can visit. A bit of common sense for either gender – no beaches at night and taxi’s with verified registrations only – can get you from A to B in one piece.

Perhaps it’s because women get more attention, or unwanted attention, that overshadows the female traveller. That’s not to say family and friends aren’t thinking about the boys safety or that this should put you off going it solo.

Top tips from the boys when travelling solo:  

  • Don’t worry about it – get to know the really big guys on tour
  • Make friends with the leading guy – bus driver, conductor, tour guide…
  • Women can take care of themselves, too.
  • We’re all equal in each others lives doing the same thing, living in the  same space. Alcohol helps.

Top 3 things men worry about when travelling:

1)    Where did I put my clothes?

2)    How much money did I spend yesterday?

3)    Why did I sign up for the bunji?

Don’t be fooled – going it solo has its perks and it’s a sure safe thing for men and women.


3 thoughts on “The solo traveller: are you man or woman?

  1. The same thing happened to me – which is why the decision to go solo came about really. And so thankful for it. There are plenty of group tours to join on route, too. Get out there, its such a beautiful place. Looks like you’ve done quiet a bit of travelling already – how was the flight over bungle bungles!? xx

    1. Thanks Natalie – the flight over the Bungle Bungles – one of the most amazing experiences. It was in an open sided helicopter. Scary but brilliant. No where else even comes close to the sheer breathtaking view. It really does make you realise how diverse our landscape is.

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