The myth of backpacking without jeans

Mannequins wearing jeans in Sânnicolau Mare, R...

Mannequins wearing jeans in Sânnicolau Mare, Romania Deutsch

Considering what to fit into your backpack can be very stressful. Packing jeans is also deemed a major no-no. This, essentially, is ridiculous. They don’t take up anymore room than combats and they have a multipurpose wear.


  • Casual wear for daytime
  • They look good for a night out
  • We all have a pair of ‘bum jeans’ which make us feel better = solid gold
  • You don’t really wash them that much at home. You won’t when you’re travelling, either.

The aim is to pack the bare minimum. The truth is its actually quiet therapeutic. There is a great need to ditch your every day lifestyle (and wardrobe), it’s all about going back to basics.


  1. light comfies
  2. trekking combats
  3. jeans

* A sure combo that will aid you through every outing and that tight backpacking space.


2 thoughts on “The myth of backpacking without jeans

  1. Travelled without a pair of jeans for 10 months but wish on a number of occasions I had packed a pair and was also too much of a tight git to buy a pair or carry the extra weight. Will pack a pair next time!!

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