Celebrating Irish Culture

This year St. Paddy’s is a little more dangerous… a little more bloody amazing more like. To coincide with the annually celebrated day of all things Irish – which legend has it involves copious amounts of the thick, dark substance: Guinness – England vs Ireland rugby match will be taking place from 5pm; a game sure to cause heaps of unrelenting banter. Before this Italy vs Scotland 12.30pm and Wales vs France 2.45pm will be showing. I’m not encouraging you to go the pub, but you know it makes sense.

For those wanting to celebrate at home perhaps cake and Guinness could be your thing. It’s worth looking at Groupon: St Paddy’s Cake Pops. Essentially chocolate cake with (or optionally without) a few dashes of the dark stuff, crafted onto a popsicle stick – quiet the party trick.

Enjoy celebrating the Irish culture this Saturday, you don’t need to travel far. Head out to your nearest city or town center – festivities will be sure to include warm Irish grub and great atmosphere.

* May I suggest adding a bit of port (or ribeena) to sweeten the taste to your pint of Guinness.


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