Tea and Cake – The French Way

There are two very opposing sights in Paris: Loads of cake and loads of skinny people

France has an abundance of patisseries and to add to competition they’ve made the experience a luxury. Buildings have been beautifully crafted to platform the elegance of treating yourself to a bit of tea and cake.

I am of course thinking about Angelina’s, a tearoom found at Concorde. To enter you join the queue (which won’t last more than 10 minutes). Whilst waiting to be seated in the decadent dining area, peer right and have a good look at the carefully prepared pastries, this is the counter you approach if you’re wanting to take-away. I very much urge you to sit in and get the full Angelina experience.

Although the whole banquette feels rather posh – men in penguin suits and women in the retro maid’s outfit- don’t worry about wearing jeans and jumper; it’s a social affair for all to enjoy. Once seated and sieving through the menu, which is rather overwhelming, may I suggest opting for the hot chocolate. It arrives with a delicate china cup and saucer, jug full to the brim of thick melted chocolate and a little pot of whipped cream to scoop into your already super sickly chocolate drink. Unforgivably delicious and more than enough, but if you have a large sweet tooth do try any of the cakes on offer. You will go home feeling a bit sickly sweet, but you’ll get over it, and within the hour you’ll be out the house again for some savory onion soup.


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