London: Friend or Foe?

It’s sweaty. It’s hectic. You witness grow men and women running, frantically elbowing each other. It has an underground system that’s taken me years to understand. I am of course talking about our Capital City:London.

It seems that for some time now there has been a distinct gap between those that adore the city and those that loathe its presence. People that live and breathe London are rather fixed and tend to take offence if you’re not tempted by the love affair of the capital. I used to mock these ideas, the pace of the city and indeed the cliché that everyone must move there to get that big career break, however out of pocket one may be. But something has changed. I don’t leave London muttering my disappointment of a weekend wasted and money badly spent.

So what exactly has changed?  Something so simple, so ridiculously straight forward and that is people actually know where their going now. Visiting London has become simple, easy (almost) and most of all, fun. People know which bus line to catch so we don’t need to stand in the cold for an hour, sobering up reality. The decent places to wine and dine have been discovered and there are parts of London that are really quiet beautiful.

It is often thought that travelling for more than an hour suggests too much of a journey just for a day trip. After travelling to South America and enduring a 12 hour bus journey (at the very least) to get to the next town, taking a comfortable South West train to London doesn’t seem all that bad. It actually seems a little luxurious – even if it is delayed by 12 minutes. Let’s refrain from tutting, shall we? Sitting down for an hour to get into the city is in fact manageable. Once you’re there you just need a decent smile on the other side to show you a good place to have a large glass of wine.


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